Policy & Procedures

AGES ELIGIBLE: JD Sports Inc. follows USA Gymnastics standards, which suggests all children should be 2 years or older to participate in our program. School-age groups are for ages 5 years and older.

TUITION AGREEMENT: JD Sports charges $36 per month for 4 weeks of classes. If paying for 3 or more months in advance, than fees are $34 per month. The yearly registration fee is $12 per child. Students who have a delinquent account cannot participate. Just like your child center, no credit is given for missed classes. A $5 late service fee is added to accounts not paid by the 10th of the month. Sorry no cash payments are accepted. All checks or money orders should be payable to JD Sports Inc. Credit card payments are accepted over the phone or online with www.paypal.com (Our recipient email is jdsports27@hotmail.com).

WITHDRAWALS: JD Sports Mobile Gymnastics is a year round program. If your child withdraws from gymnastics during the year, please give written notice to the office or call JD Sports directly, otherwise your child will continue to be included and you will continue to be responsible for tuition.

ATTIRE: Please make sure that your child is properly dressed on “gymnastics day.” Children should wear comfortable clothes (preferably a t-shirt type top tucked into pants or shorts). We require everyone to participate in sneakers. Girls hair should be pulled securely away from their face. Please no dresses, skirts, or hard/open back shoes.