October Lessons

**October 2 – 6: Friends Week; Tumbling: Partner handstands on opposite ends of panel mat, Build a house with friend, “T” Front roll from Lunge with friend on flat mat; Beam: Stork stand and/or scale facing friend, Starting on ends of beam, friends do straight jumps to middle of beam and finish with a ‘high five’ from friend; Ending Activity: Bridge crawl (crawl under friend’s bridge)

**October 9 – 13: Under the “C” Week; Bars: Casts (from front support and to back hip circle if appropriate), Cartwheel on handprint block, Crab walk down the dots, Chasse’ (gallops) on balance beam. Ending activity: Crawl under a friend’s bridge or handstand/house

**October 16 – 20: It’s Pumpkin Time: Pumpkin back rolls, Donkey kicks with hands on parallettes and feet on pumpkin mat, Tuck jumps over pumpkins on balance beam, L-kicks holding pumpkins

**October 23 – 27: Pike Week; Vault: Pike onto trapezoid and straight jump off to immediate pike roll on mat, Pike jumps off springboard; Tumbling: forward roll to pike sit (touching toes), Pike jumps on dots; Beam: V-sit, pike jumps.

**October 30 – November 3: Fall into Fall; Bars: Pike glide swings with child squeezing Autumn leaf between feet, swings 3x and drops leaf into hoop. Jump front support and casts squeezing leaf; Tumbling: With fabric leaf on cartwheel block, child will reach for the leaf and cartwheel over. Beam: L-kicks to bean bag scarecrow and leap over landing in scale position (holding for 3 count), then L-kicks down remainder of balance beam. Ending Activity: Bridge or table for 5 count