May Lessons

May Lessons
If your child is enrolled in Gymnastics:

**Week of May 1 – 4: Balance Week; Headstand, handstand on parallettes, L-hold on parallettes; Beam – Scale and stork stand; Ending Activity: Build a House (handstand progression)

**Week of May 7 – 11: Vaulting Week; Run up and off high end of incline to land on springboard (3 bounces) to immediate tuck and straddle jumps, cartwheel w cartwheel block, Practice ‘running arms’ while sitting in pike during warm up (run arms fast, run arms slow), Run and stomp with hoop; Ending Activity: Run, jump on springboard and dive roll down incline and jumps to handstand on high end of incline

**Week of May 14 – 18: Righty/Lefty Week; ‘Spacewalks’ on bars (Right and Left split positions that switches in front support position on bar), Cartwheels over on red handprint cartwheel block. Scissor kicks on parallettes. Scale on balance beam. All skills performed on Right side first. Then, on Left side. Stamp/sticker right hand first to remind child of right side, then left. Ending Activity: T-roll (forward roll that starts in Lunge position)

**Week of May 21 – 25: Forwards Week; Front roll, Eagle Roll, Lunge to kick handstand on parallettes; Beam – L Kicks and stag steps; Ending Activity: Stork stand contest on beam with whole class. Mini skill evaluation week with papers sent home on your child’s progress

**Week of May 28 – May 31: Pike Week; Vault: Pike onto trapezoid and straight jump off to immediate pike roll on mat, Pike jumps off springboard; Tumbling: forward roll to pike sit (touching toes), Pike jumps on dots; Beam: V-sit, pike jumps.