March Lessons

February 27 – March 3: Vaulting Week Run up and off high end of incline to land on springboard (3 bounces) to immediate tuck and straddle jumps, cartwheel with cartwheel block, practice ‘running arms’ while sitting in pike during warm up (run arms fast, run arms slow), run and stomp with hoop; Ending activity: Run, jump on springboard and dive roll down incline and jump to handstand on high end of incline.

March 5 – 9 Backwards Week Back pullover on bars; possum hang pull-ups; Back roll off incline mat, Back bend, Backwards walks and stag-steps on beam, backward jumps on stars

March 12 – 16: Upside-down Week Donkey kicks first with parallels and then without. ‘Build a house’ (handstand progression) on the wall and have a friend crawl under; Tripod & Headstands making ‘triangle base’ with hands and top of head. Handstand holding for 5 count, then rolling out or advanced may land in the bridge position. Balance Beam: L-kicks forwards then backwards, ‘tick-tock’ forwards and backwards on beam.

March 19 -23: Bars Week Straddle swing under bars (‘open & shut’ feet); Hang from bars and bring toes up to touch bar, first between hands and then outside hands, making a straddle position. Front support with cast-away dismount, Front Support to Front Roll Dismount finishing with Ta-Da! Balance Beam: Bear walk with hands AND feet on beam, Sideways gallop or ‘chasse’, Stork stand and Scales holding for a 3 count.

March 26 – 30: Landings Week Tuck and Straddle jumps off incline, sticking landing in TA-DA position. Round-off or Cartwheel starting at low end of incline in lunge, placing hands on high end of incline to land in stuck TA-DA or ‘Mr. X’, Repeat on handprint block and folded panel mat to land in stuck TA-DA or ‘Mr. X’, stuck tuck jumps on stars, dismount off balance beam to land in stuck TA-DA with verbal cue of ‘shoes together, hands tall’. Ending activity: Run up and off incline and land in stuck TA-DA on mat