March Lesson Plans

If your child is enrolled in Gymnastics:

March Lesson Plans

March 6 – 10: Backwards Week — Back pullover on bars; possum hang pull-ups; Back roll off incline mat, Back bend, Backwards walks and stag-steps on beam, backward jumps on stars

March 13 – 17: Upside-down Week — Donkey kicks first with parallels and then without. ‘Build a house’ (handstand progression) on the wall and have a friend crawl under; Tripod & Headstands making ‘triangle base’ with hands and top of head. Handstand holding for 5 count, then rolling out or advanced may land in the bridge position. Balance Beam: L-kicks forwards then backwards, ‘tick-tock’ forwards and backwards on beam.

March 20 – 24: Bars Week — Straddle swing under bars (‘open & shut’ feet); Hang from bars and bring toes up to touch bar, first between hands and then outside hands, making a straddle position. Front support with cast-away dismount, Front Support to Front Roll Dismount finishing with Ta-Da! Balance Beam: Bear walk with hands AND feet on beam, Sideways gallop or ‘chasse’, Stork stand and Scales holding for a 3 count.

March 27 – 31: Landings Week — Tuck and Straddle jumps off incline, sticking landing in TA-DA position. Round-off or Cartwheel starting at low end of incline in lunge, placing hands on high end of incline to land in stuck TA-DA or ‘Mr. X’, Repeat on handprint block and folded panel mat to land in stuck TA-DA or ‘Mr. X’, stuck tuck jumps on stars, dismount off balance beam to land in stuck TA-DA with verbal cue of ‘shoes together, hands tall’. Ending activity: Run up and off incline and land in stuck TA-DA on mat