June Lessons

If your child is enrolled in Gymnastics:

**Week of June 5 – 9: Tuck jump off springboard over beach ball or water toy to immediate dive/front roll, Repeat with all straddles, With beach towel on top of red block — front arch (and swim), Tuck jump over water themed stuffed animal on beam while holding pool noodle, backwards and sideways walks with beach ball

**Week of June 12 – 16: On bars, squeeze water animal between feet for casts (trying to get hips to come off the bars on each cast, Hollow rocks on red block while holding pool noodle over head; On beam, while holding beach ball with 2 hands, child L-kicks high enough so their foot touches ball on each kick

**Week of June 19 – 23: With beach towel on mat (Beach towel tumbling!), Front roll, Handstand w/rollout, Cartwheel reaching over pool noodle (both sides), On beam – crab walks, while holding beach ball over head, balance in stork stand for 5 count.

**Week of June 26 – 30: Animal Week! Eagle roll (Front roll with no hands/airplane arms), Spiderwalk handstand (Handstand/House on wall that walks sideways), Donkey Kicks (Advanced: to Handstand), Beam: Horsey Gallops (Chasse’) and Stag-step/Flamingo walks; Ending Activity: Everyone Crab walks forward while counting to ten and saying “I love Gymnastics!”