Past Lesson Plans

July Lessons

If your child is enrolled in Gymnastics:

**Week of July 9 – 13: Running & Jumping Raptors! (vault/springboard skills); Practice running like raptors up to the springboard. High jump, up onto folded incline block. Long jump, seeing how far down the mat we can jump. Raptor’s choice – Each raptor picks their favorite to practice – Tuck, Straddle, or Pike. Raptor rolls down incline (dive rolls). Balance Beam: Forward skip or Chasse with Raptor arms, tuck jump dismount. Sideways walk, with two straddle jumps (landing on beam) and jump dismount with half-spin!

**Week of July 16 – 20: Triceratops Week! (All skills performed three times) Three forward rolls, with a half-spin jump in between rolls 2 & 3. Three cartwheels, Right side, Left side, and then Dino’s choice! Donkey kicks three times, then sticking in Handstand on third time. Balance Beam: Stork stand, holding for three count with left leg then right. Repeat with Scales. Backwards walk squatting down on toes three times.

**Week of July 23 – 27: Brachiosaurus Week! The tallest Dino! (Bars – Focus on pushing up tall like a Brachiosaurus, and keeping straight arms) Dino-walk on bars (practicing left/right splits) Cast away dismounts x2, Forward roll dismounts x2, Back pullovers with Dino’s choice for dismount. Balance Beam: Walking on tip-toes with arms up high, foward and bakwards. Bear walk (hands & feet crawl) holding head up high!

**Week of July 30 – August 3: Tyrannosaurus Rex week! (skills performed without using arms, or keeping arms close to body) Rolling T-Rex – roll sideways on mat, keep arms by side. Forward rolls with no arms. Practice right splits, trying to lift hands off the ground (repeat for left side). Using wall for support, Headstands or Tripods (knees on elbows) Balance Beam: L-kicks with T-Rex arms, T-Rex hops & skips (bunny hops and chasses)