February Lessons

If your child is enrolled in gymnastics:

February 5 – 9: Puppy Pals! All skills to be done with a partner; Sideways ‘puppy’ rolls (like pencil rolls except done on hands & knees), Front rolls over red ‘heart garland’ finishing with Ta-da and a high five! Donkey kicks looking down at ‘paw-print heart’ finish on back with legs & arms UP – Happy Puppies! Build a Dog House one at a time, partner pup crawls under. Balance Beam: Sideway puppy crawl with partner (over stuffed ‘puppy pal’), V-sits (facing each other) with stuffed ‘puppy pal’ sitting on beam under feet, 5 count. Stork Stand and Scale contests!

February 12 – 16: Combo Week; Front roll to pike sit then touch toes, and then reach behind to V-sit holding ‘puppy treat’ between feet. Straddle/Eagle roll (using no hands to roll but holding stuffed ‘puppy pal’ to chest, then jump ½ turn to second roll. Back rolls down incline mat holding ‘puppy treat’ under chin (helps us remember to keep the chin down). Balance Beam Combo: ‘Quiet puppies’ Tip-toe forward holding stuffed ‘puppy pal’ then at half-way, squat on toes for ½ turn and tip-toe backward. Tuck jump over ‘paw-print heart’ onto beam, then skip/chasse to Tuck jump dismount over ‘paw-print heart’

February 19 – 23: Practice Jumps – Tuck, Straddle, ½ turn jump, & jumping jacks! Tuck jump off springboard over red ‘heart garland’ to immediate front roll. Jump off springboard to straddle over stuffed ‘puppy pal’ then pick up stuffed ‘puppy pal’ and roll with no hands! Jump 1/2 turn off springboard to immediate back roll with ‘puppy treat’ under chin. Beam Combo: Forward walk with tuck jumps. Sideways walk with straddle jumps. Backwards walk with scales, holding to 3-count.

February 27 – March 3: Vaulting Week Run up and off high end of incline to land on springboard (3 bounces) to immediate tuck and straddle jumps, cartwheel with cartwheel block, practice ‘running arms’ while sitting in pike during warm up (run arms fast, run arms slow), run and stomp with hoop; Ending activity: Run, jump on springboard and dive roll down incline and jump to handstand on high end of incline.