December Lessons

December 4 – 8: Righty/Lefty Reindeer Week; All skills this week will be attempted with Right foot in front first, then next time around the circuit with the Left foot in front. Handstand on low end of incline. Handstand on parallettes. Handstand on end of red block with snoman mat. Beam: Scale with Right and Left leg holding snowman in each hand with airplane arms

December 11 – 15: Front support on Bars squeezing snowman between feet. Shimmy from one end of bar to the other in Front support and hanging under the bars. Tumbling: Cartwheel with hands on the snowman mat (on red block). Beam: Tuck jumps over snowballs

December 18 – 22: ‘Snow’ Vaulting: Run-jump 3x on springboard and Tuck jump over pile of snowballs; hands on trapezoid block and tuck on-stand up and tuck jump off to stuck TA-DA landing; Build an ice-house on the parallettes. Ending Activity: Starting at low end of incline, Run up and off high end to land on springboard, 3x bounces and tuck jump off to stuck TA-DA finish.