August Lessons

If your child is enrolled in Gymnastics:

**Week of July 31 – August 4: Tyrannosaurus Rex week! (skills performed without using arms, or keeping arms close to body) Rolling T-Rex – roll sideways on mat, keep arms by side. Forward rolls with no arms. Practice right splits, trying to lift hands off the ground (repeat for left side). Using wall for support, Headstands or Tripods (knees on elbows) Balance Beam: L-kicks with T-Rex arms, T-Rex hops & skips (bunny hops and chasses)

**Week of August 7 – 11: Vaulting Week; Run – 3 Bounces on Springboard – dive roll down incline mat, Run – 3 bounces on springboard – Tuck jump to mat to immediate front roll landing in TA-DA; Lift-stomp technique landing on red block to immediate tuck jump dismount; Tuck jumps on balance beam over bean bags; Ending Activity: Bridges

**Week of August 14 – 18: Forwards Week; Bars: Jump front support to front roll dismount; Tumbling Combo: Front roll to jump 1/2 turn to front roll back to starting spot; Beam: Forwards releve’ (tip-toe walks) and releve stag-steps

**Week of August 21 – 25: Combo Week; Two front rolls in a row, two straddle rolls in a row, Cartwheel over the block to immediate cartwheel back (using Right and Left sides); Beam Combo: Tuck jump mount to forwards walk – 1/2 pivot turn – to backwards walk

**Week of August 28 – September 1: Sideways Week; Cartwheels from sideways facing ‘Mr. X’ position, Straight body log roll, Cartwheel on red handprint block, Beam: Sideways walks on flat foot and on tip-toe