April Lesson Plans

If your child is enrolled in Gymnastics:

April Lesson Plans

April 3- 7: Straight Body Week — Candlesticks to TA-DA on incline. Front roll (or advanced- Handstand roll) to land lying in straight body. Combo: Jump 1/2 turn to immediate Candlestick to TA-DA. Beam: Five straight jumps staying on dot. Ending activity: Bridge, trying to straighten legs.

April 10- 14: Tree Animals Week w/ Bars — Parrots- child jumps from support uses hands to shimmy right & then left. Monkey jumps- three casts to cast-away dismount. Monkey flips- front support to front hip circle. Balance Beam- forward and backward walk on tip-toes with monkey arms. Sideways walk with birds wings

April 17- 21:Silly Upside-down Animals Week — Donkey kicks w/ parallels. L-hold on parallels. Headstand & handstand against wall. Balance Beam- Leap over stars. Crab walk forward & backwards. Ending Activity: Spiderwalk down wall (Build a handstand ‘house’ and walk hands sideways (like a spider) while keeping feet on wall.

April 24- 28: Bouncing Animals Week w/ Vault — Tuck jump off springboard & side bunny hop (cartwheels) on red cartwheel block. Straddle jump off springboard & front roll with two frog jumps! Balance Beam: Kangaroo hops (both feet together, arms tall) down beam. Tuck & straddle jump dismounts. Ending Activity: Everyone tries right and left splits or baby splits.