January 7 – 11 (Spring-time Weather Week) —  “Growing Trees” (starting in tuck, child grows up to tree standing on one leg), “Blooming Flowers” (starting in tripod/headstand with knees on elbows, to full headstand against wall); Beam: Sideway-skip (Chasse’) and Flamingo (stork) stands (counts to three); Ending Activity: “Pitch a tent” (Build a house/Handstand w/wall), and let a friend crawl under!

January 14 – 18 (Cold Weather Week) —  Rolling snowballs (backrolls down incline), Rolling Snowflakes (Cartwheels, both sides), Build an Igloo (push up to backbend); Beam: “Tip Toe through the Snow” (Forwards & Backwards walks on tip-toe), Ice Skater jumps (Split jumps to Scale) and counts to three

January 21 – 25 (Windy Weather Week) —  Springboard/Vault:  “Let the wind push you!” (child tries to jump as far as they can!  Tuck jump and then straddle jump), Flying bird (dive roll down incline/Advanced may Eagle Roll w/o hands), Tornado Jumps (jump w/half spin) in front of incline for immediate backroll; Beam: Straight jumps, Tuck jumps, Straddle jumps down beam & dismounts with “Ta-Da!”

January 28 – February 1:  HOT weather Week;  Rolling Tumbleweeds (Cartwheels, both sides),  Front roll to reclined Ta-da! (lying on back, Too HOT to stand up!), Eagle Roll/Front roll without hands to reclined Ta-da!; Beam: Sidways walk fanning heat away from face, Crab walk & Bear walk (Too HOT to stand up!)

July Lessons

July Lessons   If your child is enrolled in Gymnastics:   **Week of July 9 - 13: Running & Jumping Raptors! (vault/ ...

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June Lessons

June Lessons   If your child is enrolled in Gymnastics:   **Week of June 4 - 8: Tuck jump off springboard over ...

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May Lessons

May Lessons   If your child is enrolled in Gymnastics: **Week of May 1 - 4: Balance Week; Headstand, handstand on parallettes, ...

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April Lessons

April 2 – April 6: Straight Body Week — Candlesticks to TA-DA on incline, Front roll (or advanced – Handstand roll) to land laying in ...

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March Lessons

February 27 - March 3: Vaulting Week -- Run up and off high end of incline to land on springboard (3 bounces) to ...

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