Lesson Plans

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Lesson Plans

  • Our lesson plans for each month are in the monthly newsletter brought home by your child and on our web page under monthly newsletter
  • Songs with movement, warm-ups, stretches
  • Unique tumbling apparatus which will include incline mats, barrels, cartwheel mats, vaulting springboard, preschool swing bars and floor balance beams
  • Cooperative skill development through the use of parachutes, balloons, balls, scarves, hoops, and other various items
  • Children advance individually through USA Gymnastics skill progressions


June Lesson Plans   We will begin learning ‘Form 2’. We will also be incorporating the month’s beach theme and evasive maneuvers, escaping being tagged ...


June Lesson Plans   Using the beach balls, we will begin learning ‘headers’ (hitting the ball with our head) to the goal. Coach will teach ...


If your child is enrolled in Cheerleading: June Lesson Plans   Pom Work – Daggers and T shake points (not hopping); Arm Motions – Broken T, T, ...


June Lessons   We are incorporating Beach Boys music for our all of our position work/pose work. We will learn the ‘Surfer Mama’ routine ...


June Lessons   If your child is enrolled in Gymnastics: **Week of June 4 – 8: Tuck jump off springboard over beach ball to immediate dive/front roll, ...