Lesson Plans

Sports fun for Everyone
Gymnastics, Dance, Yoga, Soccer & Martial Arts

Lesson Plans

  • Our lesson plans for each month are in the monthly newsletter brought home by your child and on our web page under monthly newsletter
  • Songs with movement, warm-ups, stretches
  • Unique tumbling apparatus which will include incline mats, barrels, cartwheel mats, vaulting springboard, preschool swing bars and floor balance beams
  • Cooperative skill development through the use of parachutes, balloons, balls, scarves, hoops, and other various items
  • Children advance individually through USA Gymnastics skill progressions


December Lesson Plans We will continue practice with our Form 1 in TaekwonDo. (also called Taegeuk il jang) Taekwondo forms are practiced world wide, and also ...


December Lesson Plans Soccer Classes are learning Left and Right-Foot Shooting (Righty Reindeer/Lefty Reindeer), our ‘Red Beans and Rice’ games has turned into Rudolph ...


If your child is enrolled in Yoga: December Lesson Plans Using the Yoga flash cards, each student will pick a card. On their turn, they ...


December Lessons Review positions and ballet terms. Learning De’gage’, eleve, tendu and chasse (gallops). Using snowman stuffed animal, rhythmic ribbons, butterfly wings and magic ...


December Lessons December 4 – 8:  Righty/Lefty Reindeer Week; All skills this week will be attempted with Right foot in front first, then next time around the ...