Lesson Plans

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Gymnastics, Dance, Yoga, Soccer & Martial Arts

Lesson Plans

  • Our lesson plans for each month are in the monthly newsletter brought home by your child and on our web page under monthly newsletter
  • Songs with movement, warm-ups, stretches
  • Unique tumbling apparatus which will include incline mats, barrels, cartwheel mats, vaulting springboard, preschool swing bars and floor balance beams
  • Cooperative skill development through the use of parachutes, balloons, balls, scarves, hoops, and other various items
  • Children advance individually through USA Gymnastics skill progressions


October Lesson Plans Agility and blocking drills with hole hoops and soft mats. Front and round house kick form work.  Duck and jump exercises with ...


October Lesson Plans   Soccer Classes are learning “Dribble Drive” road course, Zig-Zag Passing Drill, “Freeze Monster” keep-away game, “Zoo Escape” ball-retrieval game, “Rescue the ...


If your child is enrolled in Yoga: October Lesson Plans Positions of Reach for the Sun, Diamond Pose, Cat Pose, Standing Side Stretch Pose, Cobra ...


October Lessons   Dance Classes are learning chasse’, tendu, bouree’ walks, demi plie, passe’, arabesque, first/second positions with an animal theme for the month.


October Lessons **October 2 – 6:  Friends Week; Tumbling: Partner handstands on opposite ends of panel mat,  Build a house with friend, “T” Front roll from Lunge with ...